Thursday, May 10, 2012

This is a very serious post. (So no funny dictionary word today.)

I am going to let this link speak for itself. Its insane. But before I give my spiel on it, I want you to look at it. Go ahead.

Did you click it yet? Or do you need me to post it again? -------------->

OH KAY. SO IS THIS INSANE OR WHAT?! I couldn't even believe what I reading, nor could I get through it all because of the disgusting comments this chick was saying. Someone brought this blog to my attention and I cannot remember the last time that my jaw has literally hit the floor repeatedly because of something totally outrageous. I cannot believe the audacity of this girl. I feel like there should be a blog about thin girls, just to rebuttal the situation. But let's face it, that would not fix anything, fighting fire with fire... 
THIS is healthy?!

Blogs and comments like these are what encourages us females to feel so ashamed of the way we were built, the way we just are. Not all of us can be a Victoria's Secret  model and because of that, we feel like we need to strive to be. Putting our bodies and minds under so much stress. I am not perfect either; I know what it feels like to feel ashamed of your body because of someone or something you have seen. It can literally give me a headache, to have to fight to be alright with myself in a world that prizes a size 0-2 jean size. Yes, I have lost a lot of weight to become healthy and fit and because I didn't like what the scale said. So with that said, I shouldn't be ignoring all of my success and striving to be that size 0. My mother reminds me that we are all meant to be a certain size and shape, and that our bodies are built in a way for a reason. Two people can be the same exact weight but one can appear "heavier" than the other and therefore be under the assumption that the person weighs more than the other. But this person only looks that way because they may be shorter and/or built differently than the other person. Makes sense, yes? So even my mother was telling me that I should work on maintaining my weight and not losing anymore because I will begin to look dis-proportioned, and when I see pictures, I am starting to see what she means. But because I'd trained myself to keep up a 'losing weight' mindset, I didn't realize that I needed to switch it to the maintaining mindset. Its a rough transition. I love, LOVE to encourage others to not just lose weight if they feel like they need or want to, but just to be healthier in general. Someone can be very thin and be very unhealthy. Yes, they can eat what they want now and not gain a pound but if we could see what these habits were doing to them on the inside, maybe our perceptions would be a little different. 

The things this girl says on this post really makes you think...really urks you--well it did for me anyway. I have never been so appalled by someone so insensitive. There is even this battle between Lady Gaga fans and Adele fans. Lady G's fans are attacking Adele simply for her size. Its almost like, really!?! This woman has one of the most amazing voices of our time and you wanna talk about her weight?! Adele can sing Lady G outta anything. FACE. IT. Its the same thing with Megan Fox. SHE IS A BOMBSHELL and people claims she has "toe-thumbs". COME ON! NO ONE is looking at her me. 

Sigh. I'll blog about more healthy lifestyles, food, workouts, and ideas in the future. But right now, I saw this and had to rant. Its insane, its not fair, and its not right. I have my days all the time too, everyone. Don't be fooled. The media and "skinny" craze hits me too but let's band together. Let's encourage each other, appreciate our bodies, and thank God that we are even still alive. I am bursting out of my own funk with these words because I am sick of feeling like &#^@ about my own body image issues. I don't want to feel this way anymore--seeing idiotic and ballsy posts about how skinny women should be makes me realize that I'm not the one with the problem. 

~Shi<3 (aka: pissed.)

PS: If you wanna get more pissed off, look at this: 
STARVING TIP OF THE DAY?! WHAT?! She had really taken healthy, helpful tips to the extreme. 
47) There are some very simple things you can do to burn calories, for example, make the bed every morning.  Also, get a picture of a model you would like to look like and every time you feel like eating something look at the picture – it will stop you from eating.  (1/9/2010; thanks, Maddy)

I am going to be sick....

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