Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hey hey hey, its the Holidays

Hey people who actually read this.

I know its been SOO long, again, since I've written. I am about to lay down some serious, but truthful excuses, so bare with me.

I have been so been super busy--swept up in 3 major group projects, finals, presentations, being involved, finding time to relax....It was a big semester. Then traveling to two cities in one week. From South to North, hahah. On top of that, I have been dealing with some of my own emotions and sometimes I don't like to blog out of fear that something will come out negatively.
Also, I was sorta feeling like no one actually read what I wrote.

So, sparing you the long list of reasons why and a detailed list of my thoughts, I will leave this post small. I want to blog more, even though I am going to be swamped with my online class work and actual work. When it comes down to it though, I want to know who actually reads my blog posts. Please comment on the Facebook link that I have for this blog so that I know people actually read it. Even better, tell me about something that you may want me to talk about. A lot of people have been asking my advice on weight loss and I have a lot of tips if people really wanna hear them. ('Cept the holidays are the worst time to be so into weight loss and calorie counts. Ugh, I have been struggling myself! UGH!!!!) Anyway, stamina is the key!
Let me know what you, people who actually read my blog, want to hear or to prove that you even read it at all.


Happy New Year. (I hope.)


Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Little Things

Urban Dictionary Word of the Post:
Rad-core--Totally awesome.

I couldn't find a better word this time. :/
But, long time no blog huh? What, did you think that I forgot or something? Naw, I had some shittake going down. Midterms and stuff, you know. The last two weeks especially have been crazy! But please, don't think I've quit bloggin! (I have this blog, my Japan blog, and other people's blogs to read!) So like someone once said, "Don't stop, be-lievin!":D

Technically, I should be doing something more productive than this. Like figuring out how my plans for next year are going to pan out, or doing homework, or studying. But I think I've had a little too much business lately and I have been craving to blog, write, and finish what I started (Japan blog, cough). I really don't want people to think that story is finished, because its not. So I am going to keep emphasizing that fact until I say it really is done. I still get asked about it to this day, so I may as well milk it to some degree, yes?

This blog is about the little things. Because oh what a year! (I still hate you, 2011). With that said, I am trying to take pleasure in the little things. Like the changing color of the leaves, or the the flowers planted around campus are still hanging on as they shake in the cold morning wind, or my delicious Starbucks Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins I love oh-so-much. Those little things, even if its for only a short amount of time, make me smile. I think that everyone needs that. Speaking of reasons to smile, CHECK OUT THIS SQUIRREL!!!
SO! I am walking to the gym, of course, and I see some girls pointing and laughing at something in a tree.
Now a closer look! It was a squirrel goin' at something he found lying around. Pizza? Quesadilla? IDK!
Its so cute right? Who wouldn't want to see a squirrel goin' at something he thought looked tasty? It was awesome because he was so intent on eating what he found that he didn't care how close I got to take a picture. :D 

Anyway. Like I was saying (before I really do get to my homework, scouts honor), try to enjoy the little things in life. A lot of people I know are going through like a College Life Crisis--that is what I am officially calling it. Several people that I know are saying they don't feel up to par in some places or compare themselves to the successes or others and what not. I understand, trust me. I am going through that right now. So anyone and everyone, go do something that makes you even a little happy. It helps to smile even for a short amount of time than not to smile at all. (People are always telling me I need to smile more... well T_T is what I say to that...) But I'll try to be positive----> :D 
Go watch a squirrel get its mack on in a tree, or something.

By the way! Its been about a month since I posted, I AM SO SORRY! DON'T STOP READING! (Next post, more about Japan!)


Friday, September 30, 2011


You know, I don't think I am going to call it Urban Dictionary word of the day anymore. I think I am going to call it Urban Dictionary Word of the POST. I don't post everyday so it seems silly to have a word of the day when this isn't a daily thing. Right? Right!

Urban Dictionary Word of the Post:
Jib-Jab--A generalization of  something that requires an explanation in which the speaker rather not get into.
OR Something that isn't even worth talking about.

So interesting thoughts lately. My History of Mass Communications teacher brought up an interesting thing in class this week. Of course since we are talking about Mass Communications and the evolution of it, dating all the way back to the Middles Ages. You know, history is very graphic; people have died for so many different reasons. And its sad because so much of these causes could have been really avoided. Black Death? Stay away from rats and wash your body! Getting robbed on the roads for the shillings in your pockets? Power in numbers! But really, in the days of Martin Luther, many people died for voicing their beliefs about God, life, and the in betweens. And why? Why are ideas and thoughts, hopes and dreams so 'dangerous'? My professor said, "Ideas were dangerous things back then. And when voiced, they were even more dangerous. People died for their words. Wars would start, countries could rise and fall, and men would would up in arms all over words. Words, words are dangerous things." And you know what? They are. They really are. There is this commercial, I had to throw something regarding my major in there, by either Colgate or some toothpaste commercial that focuses on the mouths of different people and all the things that a mouth a capable of. So when he gave his spiel about words, it made me think of that commercial, because its true. As humans, we are capable of so much and out of all those abilities, the power of speech has to be one of the strongest.

Words are strong, so strong. They can life us up, tear us down, inspire us, break us, go through one ear and out the other...Think about it. Think about a time someone has really said something that just broke you, and remembering those words and the thoughts behind them that it took to say them...its damaging. Then are the words that make you feel like you can do anything, and sometimes, that voice has to be your own. But those words, those positive words can be something you may really need to hear.

Later that day, I worked a show at the auditorium about race. The Race Show: N*W*C. They are the derogatory terms used for the Black, Latino, and Asian cultures. But instead of hitting the audience with something hard, they play with it; they gave us the message through laughter. There were three guys, one male to represent each member of the stated ethnicities in which they expressed their hardships of simply being who they were. Each person talked about a time where they pretended to be someone they were not, a time they pretended to be White just so they could be seen as someone more than just their skin color. I, obviously, could relate to the Black guy, who talked about growing up and going to school in a suburban community that was predominately White. In class one day during his middle school days, they were reading Huckleberry Finn, and you all know the story right? 'Bad ass little White boy hangs out with his big Black friend and shit goes down ', as the character explained it during his story. Anyway, because of the time period, certain words were used to refer to the Black slaves in the story. We all know that word so I do not need to state it, I hate that word so even hearing it makes me cringe. He was chosen to read aloud in class and of course, he came across that word in class. Long story short, there was dead silence once the word was uttered and hung in the air. He mentioned how he felt the whole class turn to stare at him. 'That was the moment I realized that I was Black. That was the moment that I realized that that word, that word was me. And everyone knew it but me...' That has happened to me. I've been in class reading words such as that. I've been told that I was an Oreo or 'acted White'. Now that I am older, people try to clean it up, telling me that I 'act proper'. But when it comes down to it, why does it matter? I am me, you are you. What is the damn problem?

So I tell this story because its all about words; what they can do, how they make people feel...Words are strong. What my professor said in class and then going to the show that night really got me thinking about words and what the can mean. Even the absence of words, when someone is so upset with you that they don't even bother to speak to you, can hurt just as bad if not worse.
In summary, think about your words and think about what you say. They can change our world or change a life...

<3 Shi

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

And now, to tickle your pickle.

Urban Dictionary word of the day:
Fishwrap--Newspaper, or any type of publication or newsprint.

So I am starting to realize that most of the words in my urban dictionary aren't as funny as I initially thought. That sorta sucks. Doesn't matter, I am still going to flip through it. I used this one because I am an Advertising major and decided to honor my first day of Ad classes with this word. Oh, how appropriate!

Well, people who actually read my blog, its the second day of class. Whoot, whoot! I got to start with the most awesome class for my first day (yesterday): Japanese! 'Cept I felt really stupid again; things I really should know or remember, I do not. Yes, yes. I went to Japan. We all know. I was getting good right before I had to leave and I was still good for about a month or so. But, by the way that things unfolded, a lot has drifted out of my head. At least I will be able to relearn some things this semester, I am trying to keep positive about it. Japanese has been my passion for too long to throw in the towel now for ANY reason. I'm pretty sure in a past life I was Japanese. And adorable. An adorable Japanese girl. Named...Kaori or Kashiyuka or something. :P

Anyway, so the first day of class was awkward, everyone was fresh from summer so we were all rusty. Today, classes part 2, was interesting. Sadly I have to use Macs in my Mass Comm. Writing class. I almost cried walking into the room. (Ha.) My professor is cool though. She's this trendy older lady with an awesome hair cut and a tolerance for breaking the rules regarding the allowance of coffee near the computers in the room. Kudos to her on that, she and I will get along juuust fine. I'll be careful even if they are Macs. But here is the best part, my Foundations of Advertising class has a very interesting group of students in it. Its very diverse but there are these two guys who talk way too much even if they are funny. But the best BEST part is that my professor's name is Professor Um. HOW freakin' awesome is that?! Too awesome for words! His full name is like Korean and a little hard to pronounce correctly even though its short. He cracks a lot of jokes and carries a lot of Engrish because he's Asian so I am down for this Prof. :D
My last prof is kinda odd. He cracks jokes too but he looks like someone's dad from the '80s. Maybe like he played Molly Ringwald's dad in some movie. He's cool though, relatable and such.
All in all, this seems like its gonna be a good academic year. (Let me cross my fingers or knock on wood or something.) I'm even lining up a lot of plans for myself; traveling and finding myself/making something of myself or some jib jab like that.

Here comes the tickling your pickle part I guess. Have you heard of this new thing where you can personalize your car to where someone can tell that its a woman's car? NO? You mean you have not heard of the latest ridiculous female accessory? Where do you live, under a rock?! No I am just kidding, I had no idea they existed until I moved in my apartment at school and saw a car in the lot with then. They are called Carlashes, people. CARLASHES! What is this world coming to?! We have Apps for everything (thanks to you, Apple), short cuts to do certain tasks faster, microwavable foods, everything has gone digital or online and now we have this Godforsaken Carlashes! Dear Buddha, that's ridiculous. I took a picture on my phone of the black car that had them, promising that there would no mercy in regards to blogging and making fun of it. But here is this God-awful picture of someone degrading a perfectly beautiful VW Beetle with these damn things. See here:
They are even on Jeeps! Ugh! Who created this blasphemous item?!
I mean what is this?! I hope that tickled your pickle with very ridiculous vibes.  

Ready for more? Then get this: there is this thing called vajazzling. Can you guess what that is? (Disclosure: this could get inappropriate.) Women are doing this new "craze" of bedazzling their lady parts. I heard this about 30 minutes ago while typing this very blog. Excuse me? You put crystals/rhinestones where?! Again, this world is becoming extremely retarded. So in my plan to call out the world of all its retardation, I did some research. Jennifer Love Hewitt, an actress I only recently started paying attention to by watching the Ghost Whisperer obsessively on my crash-return home. Although beautiful, she's lost some serious kudos points with me. I found this video above about her talking about a book she has written (I like the title, though) and how there is a whole chapter about this INSANE act. 

This is the world that we live in people. Can you believe  it? 
That's enough posting I guess, the content of this post is way to out there to keep going. Hence, your pickle being tickled. :D 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

1,2, 3, and 4! And 1, 2...

Urban Dictionary Word of the Day:
Soup to Nuts: From start to finish.
I mean ha! Who'd say that?! I just thought it was funny so I decided to use that one this time 'round. Whatevs, I won't be using it too much in relation to this post. SO!
Workin' it out.
Constantly, people have been asking me/wondering how I lost all the weight. Its been a long rough road and for that, I will not actually say how the dramatic weight loss actually started. Its actually not great how it started. But if we wanna go back ('I'm goin' going, back to Cali, Cali...') I guess I can give a little history lesson. 
I'd never felt comfortable in  my own skin. There was a time, maybe up to 4th grade, where I actually could deal with talking in front of others and felt that I had all the friends in the world who would accept me no matter what I looked like. 
Sadly, that drastically changed by 6th grade. I still loved all my friends and was happy in that aspect, but my body image was taking turns for the worst. I would be depressed/angry/unhappy with how I looked compared to other children in my classes. Long story short, for years and years and years onward, my self image took even a larger nose dive. I'd tried off and on to lose weight and begin a good regimen for change but I always ended up backsliding and giving up.
What really changed, you wonder? 
Japan, as many of you know, meant/means THE WORLD to me. Among all the the things it did for me, a healthy lifestyle and diet was one of them was yet another thing Japan offered me. During my short time there, I'd ride my bike to classes daily, up a witch of a hill at one of the main gates. I also walked everywhere when I wasn't biking. And the natural plus, Japanese cuisine is so much healthier than American food. I could buy these amazing Baum Rolls (little Vanilla cake rolls of delicious goodness that made you just go "MMMMmmmm") from Top World and eat like 3 of them and still lose weight. Why? Ingredients. Plus, each roll was only like 63 kcal (just about the same thing as 'cal's. 'Sup with the K, Japanese people?) so you didn't feel so bad after eating them. Regardless, I limited myself to only 1 or 2 after a meal. Since I was on my own for food, I could control what I ate; that meant awesome Japanese supermarket shopping and buying rice, fish, veggies, fruits, milk, BANANA MILK!, and the like. This inspired me to take more control over what I ate once I got home too. 
On top of the diet change and automatic daily exercise, I joined archery and a running club. The Japanese students in the archery club didn't seem to like me much, well, the girls anyway but regardless, the practice meets were good for the arms and for correcting bad posture. Running club was awesome. A roommie and I would encourage each other; she would bring her friends and I would bring mine and before you knew it there was a big group of encouragement. Plus the Professor who ran it was very inspirational, hilarious, encouraging, and knew how to switch up our runs: (running to the Kuzuha Mall just for cheese bread; a contradictory goal really, running to see the plum blossoms, and running to see the greatest displays of cherry blossoms; which I missed be heard was awesome...).
So that is the back story. Here are so more tips though as my experience goes:
    • Why are you doing this? For you? GOOD! That is the best person you could do it for. If there is something YOU want to change for YOU, you're already half way there. 
    • Come up with exercises that you feel capable of doing. For me, I used to hate running and I have come a long way in not only liking and enjoying it, but becoming capable of doing it. If you want to shed pounds first, I'd start with power-walking or jogging. Arms, legs, buns? Pilates and yoga are your new best friends. 
    • Another important thing is not to look at working out as something you dread. If you dread it, you'll have so much less motivation to actually do it.
    • I LOVE sweets; chocolate, cookies, cake, cheesecake, ice cream,  WHATEVER. You don't have to necessarily leave all your guilty pleasures in the dust in order to get where you want to be. Lord knows I still reach for my share of cake and someone's party. Do you wanna have your cake and eat it too? Then portioning is VERY important. Have a slice, but that's it. Don't get a huge piece and don't keep going back for seconds, thirds, and so on.  (BTW: I'm not perfect, I've gone for the second helpings too.)
    • I've been home since March and I've been living with people who buy and/or consume M&M chocolate chip cookies, Lemon icing cake, pizza, hot dogs, fried chicken, etc. and so on. (Again, if you must have these things too, PORTION!) Otherwise, since I do not agree with what's here, I go on and buy my own things or request alternatives. My parents will sometimes graciously buy salmon or chicken patties, deli salmon, tilapia, chicken breast, and yogurt for me. On my own, I purchase low fat Yoplait vanilla yogurt, granola, just about all the berries (straw, rasp, black, and blue), other fruits such as kiwi, mango, banana, apples, and peaches. Also, WILD RICE (so healthy), zucchini, squash, broccoli, and tomatoes. 
    • Also, if you really cannot stay away from the sweets, buy alternatives. SKINNY COW is a life saver. They actually taste good unlike most diet ice cream/candies. Try it. You'll like it. I also tried the Fiber One brownies. No, they don't taste like brownies should, but nevertheless, its chocolate and only like 80 calories per package. Quaker is nice for the little rice snacks and SPECIAL K protein shakes, snacks, cereal, etc are pretty essential.
    • Make a visual reminder of why you're doing what you are doing. I've always loved making things with my own hands so I've made collages and inspiration boards for myself around my room. Also, little post it notes help too. Stick 'em on your mirror, kitchen cabinets, wherever you will see them! BE YOUR BEST CHEERLEADER!
    • Water is IMPORTANT--I cannot stress that enough. Dump sugary drinks. (Few to little soda and juice consumption.)
    • VITAMINS, I take vitamin D and C and Biotin daily. Take what you're comfortable with, whatever that may be. (D supports bone health, C supports the immune system, and Biotin supports nail & hair growth.)
    • Think of how good you'll feel when you realize that you can't fit those jeans anymore, in a good way! Or, ladies, think of how awesome it'd be to get a great new wardrobe! They say "No pain, no gain" (freakin' cliche sayings, LOL) and "Feel the burn" for a reason. Do it to it, there's nothing but good that can come from such drive, self-empowerment, and goal reaching.
I hope that helps. I am speaking from experience and its been a long tough road. There are days where I say I'm going to go for a run and then I don't. And days where I realize I'd had way too many sweets or fats. If you have your splurge days, that' fine. You can always work it out the next day.

Good luck and I hope for those of you who wondered benefited from this.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jared from Subway

Urban Dictionary Word of the Day:
Ridic-Short for "ridiculous". 

Why? Well, Friday I was simply trying to wear some jeans since I surprisingly have not done that in a long time. Scary right? Long story short, I found out my jeans, practically all of them, are way too big now. Even dah skinny jeans man! Its kinda awesome.Makes me feel so accomplished, at least in that aspect. 
I had this Jared from Subway moment; remember the commercials? This man named Jared lost all this weight by eating Subway and changing other aspects in his life and then to prove it, he holds up a pair of pants he used to wear to show the significant amount of weight lost.
I mean what?! I could not believe it! People told me a lost a lot, and yeah I noticed changes. But hot-damn! Okay, I just felt that I had to share that with the world. Yay ME! If nothing else, this strongly encourages me to keep it up! I mean look! I bought these very skinny jeans only one year ago, last May in fact. I am now two pant sizes smaller than this now. God Bless America. Man! 
::Pats self on back:: 
Now, I have the greatest excuse in the world: I can't fit my clothes anymore! I HAVE to go shopping!:D 


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Grinds My Gears

Urban Dictionary Word of the day:
Frottage-To induce sexual pleasure by applying one's body to another...
That may be a little inappropriate for most but hey, this is the world that we live in now and I will explain why I chose this word.

You know what grinds my gears? (A Peter Griffin of Family Guy once said...) Trojan commercials. I mean really? If you're going to actually have the literal balls to make and distribute commercials to networks on T.V. , at least don't make them sooo unbearably corny. Like there are just too painful to watch or to take seriously. They are just terrible. You've seen them right? When I saw the first one, I was shocked they even made a campaign for it at all. Why was the husband to be so excited that she got like 4 vibrators? I don't mean that in a "Really, you don't know why?" kinda way. Its just that he was SUPER excited. Now there is this new one. For the amazing new Twister. Check it out the new Ridiculously Corny Vibrator Commercial if you haven't already seen it.
While the world is at it, why don't we make more corny commercials? Maybe about adult diapers or more descriptive commercials about the female menstrual cycle. Or what happens when you used protection (maybe it was actually a Trojan) but you may be pregnant anyway. Or maybe we could market to the elderly about fun ways to not make having a catheter seem so bad.(Maybe add some cool stickers to the bag or slap on some glitter.) There are somethings just do no need commercials because its either too inappropriate or a too delicate type of information to slap on T.V.
Thus, God invented pamphlets. And annoying internet ads.
Even if there were something awkward someone wanted to market, there are better ways of approaching it. I look at commercials with a pretty large interest and I can sort of imagine how I would have done it given the chance. I cannot wait to start taking my classes in advertising. Someday I will change the face of advertising!! (Play heroic music here.) Or something.Maybe I can get rid of those made-for-T.V. product commercials. Why does something always have to be $19.95, $29.95 or $39.95 and presented with the same old female voice over for it to be considered something worth selling when its really a piece of junk? Topsy Turvy Tomato Grower thing? What's wrong with the traditional way? Or the shoe organizer you slide under your bed for optimum space efficiency? (I have one, it sucks.)
Why can't we have less junk commercials? They grind my gears. :/


Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

The Little Things

Urban Dictionary Word of the Day: 
Hyphy- Stupid, silly, drunk, high, and just generally out of hand. 

This felt like a good word. Now, I've never approved of motorcycles that much because it looks so dangerous our there are just too many cliches of bikers/biker gangs that never allowed me to take it seriously. But with some coaxing, I did it, I got on a motorcycle. Dear Buddha was it terrifying. Terrifyingly awesome!! That's why hyphy felt like a good word, it was such an exhilarating feeling once I stopped screaming and forcing my eyes shut. It flipped my stomach with that anticipating fear of being on a roller-coaster and get the tingling feeling of being tickled. Does that odd description make sense? Anyhoo, it was awesome! 
Oh look, some inspirations....
You know, I wanna travel the world. More than anything, I want to get out of my town. Maybe being away again would make everything feel less sucky. Among so many other things, I am learning that inspirations are beautiful things. They make you feel like you can do anything; like if you reach for the stars, maybe just maybe, you'll actually touch them. So I am trying to figure out a lot in my life; what to do, where to go, who to be, what to look like, who to trust...but who isn't? These are things we all seek it seems, each situation is only distinguished with our own personal hand prints. I just ask the world to be careful while everyone tries to figure out the answers to these questions. The Golden Rule feels like it means a lot less than it used to. 
So I'm going to try to zoom, zoom to be something amazing. 
Watch out, world. 
Man did that sound like a diary passage or what? Ick.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Cliches of Life

For starters, the word of the day is:
Emocentric: A combination of "emo" and "egocentric". Having the feeling that no one is suffering quite as much as you are. 

Even its a tad 'emo' to start a post with, it was too relatable to pass up I guess. For each post, I wanna try to incorporate words of the day from my beautiful urban dictionary that actually relate.

People ask me all the time how I am. I've grown to hate this question among many others because I feel that its lost its meaning. So when asked, I ask if they really want to know. There are so many words that we use in vain these days. I guess I have a new word to use when asked now, 'cept I'd have to explain what it meant and that's a whole 'nother sob-story in itself.

Let's make this a little less slash-wrist...
This is purely for realization purposes, not to sound dumpy, which people say I have a knack at. I find there are a lot of cliches/over used expressions in our lives. People use them all the time:
  • "It will get better over time."
  • "You'll get over it."
  • "You'll understand when you're older."
  • "Everything happens for a reason." 
  • "Blah blah insert annoying cliche/expression here blah."
I wanna make some new cliche sayings that no one would ever think of because they would be just that weird or outlandish. I love saying outlandish things! I believe that I can actually be a funny person, purely out of wit and sarcasm. Any sarcastic person can hang with me, and I love it. Maybe I'll things like:
  • "Well isn't that a Shepard Punch right in the face?" (A certain someone wold get that and/or Mass Effect players.)
  • "Everything happens because of Buddha."
  • "It'll get better when Chuck Norris makes it better."
  • I dunno, silly things!
Because honestly, hearing something silly instead of something over used and meaningless would make most feel better, no? For isn't 'laughter the best medicine'? That's what I need, I need a good holding-your-side-cannot-breathe-about-to-pee-your-pants-type of laugh at least once a day. Don't we all? We could all use a good laugh. Even though its draining to feel like your world is totally over before you even step out of bed, feeling entirely hopeless, disposed of, or whatever negativity you're feeling is way too easy. It's so much harder to crack a smile when you think you'll never laugh again than it is to shed a tear instead. Therefore, finding something that makes you explode into laughter is totally worth it; even if we have to go looking for it.

Thankfully, I have someone right next door to my room who makes me do that every time I see him. I swear, if he wasn't there to make me literally fall to the floor from laughing, I'd be a lot worse off than I already feel I am. 
So, today's lesson: Laugh. 
Or at least try to, even if it's a little. 


Sunday, August 7, 2011

An intro, shall we?

Oh boy!
There is so much that I want to do, especially to occupy myself these days.
I began blogging solely to document my time in Japan, which as many know, meant the world to me. Sadly though, long story short, it was cut short. I actually have a few more posts that I wanted to put out there for that blog. But honestly could not bring myself to do it for I stated that I would not write anything on the blog in fear that it would be highly depressing and negative. Two things that I have been since the events. Its been a rough 2011 to the point where I can say I hate it. You hear that 2011? I hate you.
Anyway, I plan on updating my Japan blog (even though its months overdue) because I finally feel like I can without sounding too down about it. Honestly, I've had worse way too soon after anyhow.

So, what is this blog? As discussed with my sister, I plan it to be fashion, inspirations, realizations, obsessions, urban words of the day...its all up in the air really. But isn't life?
We shall see where this goes.
Also, you can also find me on Facebook (though I am weening myself off of that depressing social-epidemic). I think there are studies on how FB depresses people... I am also on Figment (great site) so please check out my stories, especially if you know what its like to have your heart squatted on by ones you loved. (Too much?) And of course, I'm here!
Please, please, please, do not be afraid to applaud. :D