Friday, September 30, 2011


You know, I don't think I am going to call it Urban Dictionary word of the day anymore. I think I am going to call it Urban Dictionary Word of the POST. I don't post everyday so it seems silly to have a word of the day when this isn't a daily thing. Right? Right!

Urban Dictionary Word of the Post:
Jib-Jab--A generalization of  something that requires an explanation in which the speaker rather not get into.
OR Something that isn't even worth talking about.

So interesting thoughts lately. My History of Mass Communications teacher brought up an interesting thing in class this week. Of course since we are talking about Mass Communications and the evolution of it, dating all the way back to the Middles Ages. You know, history is very graphic; people have died for so many different reasons. And its sad because so much of these causes could have been really avoided. Black Death? Stay away from rats and wash your body! Getting robbed on the roads for the shillings in your pockets? Power in numbers! But really, in the days of Martin Luther, many people died for voicing their beliefs about God, life, and the in betweens. And why? Why are ideas and thoughts, hopes and dreams so 'dangerous'? My professor said, "Ideas were dangerous things back then. And when voiced, they were even more dangerous. People died for their words. Wars would start, countries could rise and fall, and men would would up in arms all over words. Words, words are dangerous things." And you know what? They are. They really are. There is this commercial, I had to throw something regarding my major in there, by either Colgate or some toothpaste commercial that focuses on the mouths of different people and all the things that a mouth a capable of. So when he gave his spiel about words, it made me think of that commercial, because its true. As humans, we are capable of so much and out of all those abilities, the power of speech has to be one of the strongest.

Words are strong, so strong. They can life us up, tear us down, inspire us, break us, go through one ear and out the other...Think about it. Think about a time someone has really said something that just broke you, and remembering those words and the thoughts behind them that it took to say them...its damaging. Then are the words that make you feel like you can do anything, and sometimes, that voice has to be your own. But those words, those positive words can be something you may really need to hear.

Later that day, I worked a show at the auditorium about race. The Race Show: N*W*C. They are the derogatory terms used for the Black, Latino, and Asian cultures. But instead of hitting the audience with something hard, they play with it; they gave us the message through laughter. There were three guys, one male to represent each member of the stated ethnicities in which they expressed their hardships of simply being who they were. Each person talked about a time where they pretended to be someone they were not, a time they pretended to be White just so they could be seen as someone more than just their skin color. I, obviously, could relate to the Black guy, who talked about growing up and going to school in a suburban community that was predominately White. In class one day during his middle school days, they were reading Huckleberry Finn, and you all know the story right? 'Bad ass little White boy hangs out with his big Black friend and shit goes down ', as the character explained it during his story. Anyway, because of the time period, certain words were used to refer to the Black slaves in the story. We all know that word so I do not need to state it, I hate that word so even hearing it makes me cringe. He was chosen to read aloud in class and of course, he came across that word in class. Long story short, there was dead silence once the word was uttered and hung in the air. He mentioned how he felt the whole class turn to stare at him. 'That was the moment I realized that I was Black. That was the moment that I realized that that word, that word was me. And everyone knew it but me...' That has happened to me. I've been in class reading words such as that. I've been told that I was an Oreo or 'acted White'. Now that I am older, people try to clean it up, telling me that I 'act proper'. But when it comes down to it, why does it matter? I am me, you are you. What is the damn problem?

So I tell this story because its all about words; what they can do, how they make people feel...Words are strong. What my professor said in class and then going to the show that night really got me thinking about words and what the can mean. Even the absence of words, when someone is so upset with you that they don't even bother to speak to you, can hurt just as bad if not worse.
In summary, think about your words and think about what you say. They can change our world or change a life...

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  1. That was a really interesting post!!!
    It's like Morgan Freeman has said about race...
    He's a great man.
    Anyway, great post, keep it up. :)
    Also being someone who wants to become an author, I too obviously believe in the power of words...I believe in the power of words more than the power of musics or picture. The pen is mightier than the sword, you know.

  2. Heyo.

    Just now seeing this.

    Yes, who doesn't LOVE the Freeman. ;D
    Thank you, I also want to be a writer some day, in some way or another. I always have been. I'll do something more with it one day. LOL.

    I agree. :D

    I just feel sad that I haven't really posted in like a month. TOO MUCH GOING ON! Be its okay, I will be more prominent with it. Promise!