Wednesday, September 7, 2011

And now, to tickle your pickle.

Urban Dictionary word of the day:
Fishwrap--Newspaper, or any type of publication or newsprint.

So I am starting to realize that most of the words in my urban dictionary aren't as funny as I initially thought. That sorta sucks. Doesn't matter, I am still going to flip through it. I used this one because I am an Advertising major and decided to honor my first day of Ad classes with this word. Oh, how appropriate!

Well, people who actually read my blog, its the second day of class. Whoot, whoot! I got to start with the most awesome class for my first day (yesterday): Japanese! 'Cept I felt really stupid again; things I really should know or remember, I do not. Yes, yes. I went to Japan. We all know. I was getting good right before I had to leave and I was still good for about a month or so. But, by the way that things unfolded, a lot has drifted out of my head. At least I will be able to relearn some things this semester, I am trying to keep positive about it. Japanese has been my passion for too long to throw in the towel now for ANY reason. I'm pretty sure in a past life I was Japanese. And adorable. An adorable Japanese girl. Named...Kaori or Kashiyuka or something. :P

Anyway, so the first day of class was awkward, everyone was fresh from summer so we were all rusty. Today, classes part 2, was interesting. Sadly I have to use Macs in my Mass Comm. Writing class. I almost cried walking into the room. (Ha.) My professor is cool though. She's this trendy older lady with an awesome hair cut and a tolerance for breaking the rules regarding the allowance of coffee near the computers in the room. Kudos to her on that, she and I will get along juuust fine. I'll be careful even if they are Macs. But here is the best part, my Foundations of Advertising class has a very interesting group of students in it. Its very diverse but there are these two guys who talk way too much even if they are funny. But the best BEST part is that my professor's name is Professor Um. HOW freakin' awesome is that?! Too awesome for words! His full name is like Korean and a little hard to pronounce correctly even though its short. He cracks a lot of jokes and carries a lot of Engrish because he's Asian so I am down for this Prof. :D
My last prof is kinda odd. He cracks jokes too but he looks like someone's dad from the '80s. Maybe like he played Molly Ringwald's dad in some movie. He's cool though, relatable and such.
All in all, this seems like its gonna be a good academic year. (Let me cross my fingers or knock on wood or something.) I'm even lining up a lot of plans for myself; traveling and finding myself/making something of myself or some jib jab like that.

Here comes the tickling your pickle part I guess. Have you heard of this new thing where you can personalize your car to where someone can tell that its a woman's car? NO? You mean you have not heard of the latest ridiculous female accessory? Where do you live, under a rock?! No I am just kidding, I had no idea they existed until I moved in my apartment at school and saw a car in the lot with then. They are called Carlashes, people. CARLASHES! What is this world coming to?! We have Apps for everything (thanks to you, Apple), short cuts to do certain tasks faster, microwavable foods, everything has gone digital or online and now we have this Godforsaken Carlashes! Dear Buddha, that's ridiculous. I took a picture on my phone of the black car that had them, promising that there would no mercy in regards to blogging and making fun of it. But here is this God-awful picture of someone degrading a perfectly beautiful VW Beetle with these damn things. See here:
They are even on Jeeps! Ugh! Who created this blasphemous item?!
I mean what is this?! I hope that tickled your pickle with very ridiculous vibes.  

Ready for more? Then get this: there is this thing called vajazzling. Can you guess what that is? (Disclosure: this could get inappropriate.) Women are doing this new "craze" of bedazzling their lady parts. I heard this about 30 minutes ago while typing this very blog. Excuse me? You put crystals/rhinestones where?! Again, this world is becoming extremely retarded. So in my plan to call out the world of all its retardation, I did some research. Jennifer Love Hewitt, an actress I only recently started paying attention to by watching the Ghost Whisperer obsessively on my crash-return home. Although beautiful, she's lost some serious kudos points with me. I found this video above about her talking about a book she has written (I like the title, though) and how there is a whole chapter about this INSANE act. 

This is the world that we live in people. Can you believe  it? 
That's enough posting I guess, the content of this post is way to out there to keep going. Hence, your pickle being tickled. :D 


  1. My formatting is being annoying and won't let me fix errors.

  2. Never heard of the car lashes but I've heard of vajazzling via Cosmos...maybe glamour...I doubt it though.

    Lol this is why I don't keep up with trends similar to things like that...


  3. Both are really unnecessary. I do not get it.
    I am not surprised that Cosmo said something like that. They weren't promoting it where they? I hope not.

    Yeah, that is not a trend. That is someone's pure stupidity.