Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Little Things

Urban Dictionary Word of the Post:
Rad-core--Totally awesome.

I couldn't find a better word this time. :/
But, long time no blog huh? What, did you think that I forgot or something? Naw, I had some shittake going down. Midterms and stuff, you know. The last two weeks especially have been crazy! But please, don't think I've quit bloggin! (I have this blog, my Japan blog, and other people's blogs to read!) So like someone once said, "Don't stop, be-lievin!":D

Technically, I should be doing something more productive than this. Like figuring out how my plans for next year are going to pan out, or doing homework, or studying. But I think I've had a little too much business lately and I have been craving to blog, write, and finish what I started (Japan blog, cough). I really don't want people to think that story is finished, because its not. So I am going to keep emphasizing that fact until I say it really is done. I still get asked about it to this day, so I may as well milk it to some degree, yes?

This blog is about the little things. Because oh what a year! (I still hate you, 2011). With that said, I am trying to take pleasure in the little things. Like the changing color of the leaves, or the the flowers planted around campus are still hanging on as they shake in the cold morning wind, or my delicious Starbucks Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins I love oh-so-much. Those little things, even if its for only a short amount of time, make me smile. I think that everyone needs that. Speaking of reasons to smile, CHECK OUT THIS SQUIRREL!!!
SO! I am walking to the gym, of course, and I see some girls pointing and laughing at something in a tree.
Now a closer look! It was a squirrel goin' at something he found lying around. Pizza? Quesadilla? IDK!
Its so cute right? Who wouldn't want to see a squirrel goin' at something he thought looked tasty? It was awesome because he was so intent on eating what he found that he didn't care how close I got to take a picture. :D 

Anyway. Like I was saying (before I really do get to my homework, scouts honor), try to enjoy the little things in life. A lot of people I know are going through like a College Life Crisis--that is what I am officially calling it. Several people that I know are saying they don't feel up to par in some places or compare themselves to the successes or others and what not. I understand, trust me. I am going through that right now. So anyone and everyone, go do something that makes you even a little happy. It helps to smile even for a short amount of time than not to smile at all. (People are always telling me I need to smile more... well T_T is what I say to that...) But I'll try to be positive----> :D 
Go watch a squirrel get its mack on in a tree, or something.

By the way! Its been about a month since I posted, I AM SO SORRY! DON'T STOP READING! (Next post, more about Japan!)


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