Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jared from Subway

Urban Dictionary Word of the Day:
Ridic-Short for "ridiculous". 

Why? Well, Friday I was simply trying to wear some jeans since I surprisingly have not done that in a long time. Scary right? Long story short, I found out my jeans, practically all of them, are way too big now. Even dah skinny jeans man! Its kinda awesome.Makes me feel so accomplished, at least in that aspect. 
I had this Jared from Subway moment; remember the commercials? This man named Jared lost all this weight by eating Subway and changing other aspects in his life and then to prove it, he holds up a pair of pants he used to wear to show the significant amount of weight lost.
I mean what?! I could not believe it! People told me a lost a lot, and yeah I noticed changes. But hot-damn! Okay, I just felt that I had to share that with the world. Yay ME! If nothing else, this strongly encourages me to keep it up! I mean look! I bought these very skinny jeans only one year ago, last May in fact. I am now two pant sizes smaller than this now. God Bless America. Man! 
::Pats self on back:: 
Now, I have the greatest excuse in the world: I can't fit my clothes anymore! I HAVE to go shopping!:D 



  1. Congrats again! ^-^ You look so good! lol I felt like a creeper staring at you so much, but I was so shocked. Your toning is going well, too, and I'm inspired to finally get off my butt and do it, too. I haven't started *yet*...but soon. :P Haha

  2. Thank you! u weren't a creeper. I feel flattered by stares and compliments. I've earned it don't you think?! heeheee.
    More power to you!
    Please watch for next blog.