Sunday, August 7, 2011

An intro, shall we?

Oh boy!
There is so much that I want to do, especially to occupy myself these days.
I began blogging solely to document my time in Japan, which as many know, meant the world to me. Sadly though, long story short, it was cut short. I actually have a few more posts that I wanted to put out there for that blog. But honestly could not bring myself to do it for I stated that I would not write anything on the blog in fear that it would be highly depressing and negative. Two things that I have been since the events. Its been a rough 2011 to the point where I can say I hate it. You hear that 2011? I hate you.
Anyway, I plan on updating my Japan blog (even though its months overdue) because I finally feel like I can without sounding too down about it. Honestly, I've had worse way too soon after anyhow.

So, what is this blog? As discussed with my sister, I plan it to be fashion, inspirations, realizations, obsessions, urban words of the day...its all up in the air really. But isn't life?
We shall see where this goes.
Also, you can also find me on Facebook (though I am weening myself off of that depressing social-epidemic). I think there are studies on how FB depresses people... I am also on Figment (great site) so please check out my stories, especially if you know what its like to have your heart squatted on by ones you loved. (Too much?) And of course, I'm here!
Please, please, please, do not be afraid to applaud. :D



  1. Good Luck. You can make it through this!

    "If you're going through hell. Keep Going," Winston Church Hill

  2. <3 Thank you. Lord knows I'm trying.