Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Cliches of Life

For starters, the word of the day is:
Emocentric: A combination of "emo" and "egocentric". Having the feeling that no one is suffering quite as much as you are. 

Even its a tad 'emo' to start a post with, it was too relatable to pass up I guess. For each post, I wanna try to incorporate words of the day from my beautiful urban dictionary that actually relate.

People ask me all the time how I am. I've grown to hate this question among many others because I feel that its lost its meaning. So when asked, I ask if they really want to know. There are so many words that we use in vain these days. I guess I have a new word to use when asked now, 'cept I'd have to explain what it meant and that's a whole 'nother sob-story in itself.

Let's make this a little less slash-wrist...
This is purely for realization purposes, not to sound dumpy, which people say I have a knack at. I find there are a lot of cliches/over used expressions in our lives. People use them all the time:
  • "It will get better over time."
  • "You'll get over it."
  • "You'll understand when you're older."
  • "Everything happens for a reason." 
  • "Blah blah insert annoying cliche/expression here blah."
I wanna make some new cliche sayings that no one would ever think of because they would be just that weird or outlandish. I love saying outlandish things! I believe that I can actually be a funny person, purely out of wit and sarcasm. Any sarcastic person can hang with me, and I love it. Maybe I'll things like:
  • "Well isn't that a Shepard Punch right in the face?" (A certain someone wold get that and/or Mass Effect players.)
  • "Everything happens because of Buddha."
  • "It'll get better when Chuck Norris makes it better."
  • I dunno, silly things!
Because honestly, hearing something silly instead of something over used and meaningless would make most feel better, no? For isn't 'laughter the best medicine'? That's what I need, I need a good holding-your-side-cannot-breathe-about-to-pee-your-pants-type of laugh at least once a day. Don't we all? We could all use a good laugh. Even though its draining to feel like your world is totally over before you even step out of bed, feeling entirely hopeless, disposed of, or whatever negativity you're feeling is way too easy. It's so much harder to crack a smile when you think you'll never laugh again than it is to shed a tear instead. Therefore, finding something that makes you explode into laughter is totally worth it; even if we have to go looking for it.

Thankfully, I have someone right next door to my room who makes me do that every time I see him. I swear, if he wasn't there to make me literally fall to the floor from laughing, I'd be a lot worse off than I already feel I am. 
So, today's lesson: Laugh. 
Or at least try to, even if it's a little. 


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