Friday, January 25, 2013

This is The End

Ello, casual readers!

So the final decision has been made: this blog has been cancelled

Yes, it is over. As of this evening, January 25th, 2013, 'Shi-Say What Now?' is over. Last year, I created this blog as new hobby--you know, as a means to continue my new found love of blogging seeing that I had made a blog exclusively for my Japanese endeavors. (That blog, by the way, will still be alive in the future since I do plan to be going back there some day and adding to it in some form or another. So don't count that one out!)

Therefore, goodbye, 2012 and farewell 'Shi-Say What Now?' I am moving onto new things like the newly established 'Shicrazyball' and even a newer blog, yet to be announced. (Did someone say collaboration?!) But that shall remain Top Secret for a bit, so hold tight. Don't worry either, I am not going to overdo it with the blogging things. Meaning, I won't have too many blogs going on simultaneously. 'Shicrazyball' is my new, and MAIN blog. 'Japan: My Dream is Here' will be on hiatus until further notice and/or the participation of possible Japanese adventures. The collaborative blog I am working on will be a blog with a different demeanor and will serve as a 'sub-blog', so to speak. 

Don't lose interest kiddies--I'm working out the kinks! 
With that said, this is the end. 
Goodbyes and farewells. 


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