Saturday, January 14, 2012

Nutrition Intuition

Urban Dictionary word of the day--
Foodie: one who appreciates fine cuisine, or one who just eats too damn much.

Hey! First blog of the New Year! Look at that!
So I have been stressed to the max lately, I mean I haven't had time to watch House in like 2 weeks!! And I was almost done with the 6th season! THIIIS CLOSE!
Anyway, I decided to get blogging again. This post is going to be about food. To me, food is a HUGE thing: its good, its fun, its stressful, and its important. Why stressful out of all those things? Because if you're worried about weight and losing it, it can be a big deal. So I make a great effort to make sure I cut down (or out) sugar when I can, watch carbs (no or little white bread), and watch my portions heavily. Because people have been asking me about weight, fitness, and food, I wanted to focus on that for a post. I also bought this new book and I plan to be able to fully use it starting next week. I'd planned on this week but have just been tooooo busy. Too busy to even run or lift weights, and I HATE that I can't. It literally makes me angry if I can't work out. Yes, that is where I am in my journey to fitness now. Its that serious.

Here are some tips out food(s)!:

The portions could be smaller here.

In the summer, I LIVED off of berries! I would usually use them in a parfait or mix them with other fruits such as kiwi and apples. Sometimes making these things feels like they take forever, but its so worth it. They taste great and are full of vitamins and great flavor. Sometimes, I would eat a mixed bowl of fruit for break fast and/or a small bowl of some Special K. It depends on hungry you really are but make sure you portion these things out as well.
Fruits have natural sugars in them and things such as cereal have sugar added to them. Special is not as bad as other cereals but you still have to make sure to read the lables! (Also, milk has sugar added to that as well. Did you know that about a cup of 1% low fat milk can have about 12g of sugar in it? I mean, its milk people!) Skim is best, in my opinion.

Another example of a fruit salad. This time it had pineapples, blueberries, apple, and grapes. I also added a few banana chips, almond slices, and sprinkled granola on top. YUMMY! Its a great balance: you have your complex carbs (good ones--apples), your antioxidants (blueberries), and great vitamins and citrus taste (pineapples). Almonds are a great source of protein and granola adds a great crunch!

This was a great snack, three sushi rolls, raw carrots, small peanut butter cups, and a cup of tea! (With some vitamin supplements on the side--thing I take when I am eating.) It was a yummy light snack!

This was SOOO SUPER DELICIOUS! I work at Panera Bread, I'm sure some of you know that. I had something special whipped up for me 'cuz I am so specific about what I eat now. WHAT'S ON MAH SALAD?! Well:
  • Field Greens
  • Tomatoes
  • Salmon
  • Asiago Cheese
  • Basalmic Vinegearette
You usually get a side choice as well, in which 90% of people who order choose the french baggette for their side. Its good, especially with soup and salad but its white bread, which means carbs. So I ordered an apple and saved it for later. :) You can do great thing's with apples. Also, just to be careful of how much dressing was on the salad, even if it is light, I make sure its on the side. Its a good way to go!

This was fun to make. I bought a great stir-fry mix from Trader Joe's (AMAZING place, bt-dubs), cooked it in a little bit of olive oil, made some chicken, added pepper, cajun seasoning, and a dash of garlic, slapped on a little cheese, and laid it down on a whole grain tortilla (yes, they exist.). It was great to eat after a long bike ride to the lake with my aunt. Wholesome and filling. :) You only need one.

Yes'm, another salad. You don't have to eat just salads in order to eat great and lose weight but I do think they are very good for your goals. I steamed some carrots for a side dish and threw together some spinach, tomato, orange and yellow pepper, edamame, and shaved roast beef (didn't have any other kind of meat around at that time), and used some left over balsamic vinaigrette from the previous salad above. It was so good. Decent mix of flavors. Did you know orange and yellow peppers have more of a sweeter kick to them?

I hope this helps you, those who are interested. I have been eating lots of veggies lately and loving them. If you don't find yourself BIG on them now, you will. There's so much you can do with them. If there are questions, suggestions, or anything. You know how to find me. I want to help others meet their goals. Its hard to do it alone and I want to give all the support I can.
In future posts, I want to incorporate the types of work outs I do and maybe give out some ideas for each individual person depending on what their goals are. Also, depending if people actually read this and come to me. :/
I am an RA now, motivating people and helping others is officially what I do now. Please, help me help you. I want to be the best leader I can be, so I can lead you to be the best you that you want to be.

~Shi <3

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