Thursday, March 22, 2012

OH, Lordy! It hurts so good!

Urban Dictionary word of the Post--
Sell popcorn: to stand by and do nothing to change events. 

People say, "Oh, I'd love to do x,y,z/blah/blah" but actually do little to change it. I am not perfect, I do these things too. But if we want something done right, we have to either do it ourselves or stop sellin' popcorn! >:)

  Yah, hey! Work out progress report:

A little big ago I posted two "new" workouts that I found posted on Self. It was about rowing and the climbing machine. I have only done the rowing machine once and I was not sure what I thought about it. But, because of the article, I decided to try it again. A friend and I did it together and it was pretty awesome. We each burned roughly 160 calories but we were not rowing for 20 minutes as Self suggested and rowed for only about 15 just to start. In the future, I plan to amp it up to the full 20 minutes and really crank it up. Rowing is a good way to keep your work out consistent. Because of you are controlling your movement at a constant and smooth rate, you're less likely to stop or slow down dramatically, which can decrease your calorie burn and slow your heart rate back towards resting. Additionally, rowing is GREAT for simultaneously working your arms and your legs at the same time. Good deal I'd say. 
Despite what you may think though, it is a challenge but definitely worth about 20 minutes (of 15) of your time at the gym. 

Conclusion---------> Rowing is great for arms and legs.

As for the climber machine (not the escalator-like one)--OMFG. That BS is no joke! Its cool at first; you're steppin' along and you think, "Yeah, this is alright. Its almost like the stair climber, like literally climbin' stairs. Nbd." Let 15 minutes go by, you'll be feelin' this joint for reals-skis! But then again, it was my first time on the machine and for some reason I decided to do a full 40 minutes in hopes it could substitute my run for the day. Man, oh, man! If you want toned legs and a firm boo-tay, get climbin'!
Also, the cool part other than seeing how many calories you've burned, is that it tells you how many flights of stairs you climbed. Mine was well over 100. It made me think of the Climbing for Air charity event that is coming up/happening. I was thinking how much work it would be to climb the U.S. Bank building downtown (M-town) but it would be for two great causes: you'd get a great work out and you'd help someone in need. Win, WIN! But yeah, this climbin' thing is also no joke, try it!!

Conclusion--------------------> Climbin' moves that junk in yo trunk and firms those legs.

I'd planned on running this weekend but that did NOT happen. I was so freakin' sore for these two workouts (on top of lifting, running, and lunges over the last three days), I was pooped! Talk about hardcore. But you know what, it hurts so good. (Odd to say, eh? Get your mind outta the freakin' gutter!) Anyway, I am feeling it mostly in my inner thighs region. Keep in mind that I also do weight lifting so it was not exclusively from rowing or climbing but I can say that I feel those too. I highly recommend both of them still! 
I am going to do my best in trying to find more workouts to try and "report" about in hopes to get more people motivated and to help others find something that they can do too!

Happy 'hurting'. (It's worth it.)


P.S.: I hope you are running outside again, its been too gorgeous not too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

P.S.S: Went to an interesting seminar about health and the way our foods are processed...prepare to be shocked and a little grossed out next post...


  1. So, Monday morning started my exercise/healthy eating thing. Since then, I've been eating healthy meals, healthy fruits in between, checking calories/sodium/fat, etc., haven't had soda, junk food, or chocolate, eating until I'm full and that's it, drinking TONS of water, eating yogurt, and at least doing some stretches, though three of the past 4 days I went for a walk/run (both, since I can't run straight through yet). I feel really energized and healthy, and I feel good about seeing a difference. Thank you for helping & encouraging me :). A lot of people are quick to discredit me or not help me when I ask about nutrition/exercise because everyone says, 'Oh you're skinny, what do you care?' Well, first, in the past year I've gained a substantial amount of weight and my clothes don't fit. Second, someone asked me if I was pregnant, and that was when I realized how noticeable it was. And third, regardless of weight, I don't take care of myself, and seeing as how health problems like heart issues/arthritis run in my family, sitting idle and eating junk food will not keep me healthy and safe my whole life. So, yeah, thank you :). I feel like I can keep it up and see results!!

  2. HEY HEY!!!!

    I am just now seeing this and I am sorrryyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!1

    I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. I tell everyone who begins this journey that THIS IS HOW IT STARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So Kat, THIS IS HOW IT STARTS! Please, please, please keep going!

    Its really good of you to notice these things. This, Kat, is what I call Fuel. Anything that you can use that will kick you into gear, pump you up, and keep you strong when you feel low. I have TONS OF FUEL. That's what I do, I think of it and I push push push. When I'm mad, I push. When I'm depressed, I push. When I'm just off the wall, I push.
    Find your fuel. Use it. Thrive off of it. USE IT.
    People do confuse being active and skinny with being active and healthy. I understand what you are saying, I really do. You can be skinny and not be healthy. My brother is like that. He eats whatver he wants, fried foods, donuts, sugary drinks....and hes skinnier than I wish him to be despite it all. LOL I tell him all the time that I wish he was fat. HA.
    Take this time to notice these things that you want to change and go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so proud of you. Spread the word.
    Its not the bird though.

    (Hopefully I'll see you this weekend.)

    ~Shi <3

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