Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Twerk it Flip it 'N Reverse it

EW, its snowing. And we were doing so well... :(

(New size for text because normal is actually way too small.) 

I am on the hunt for new exercises. I feel like most of the things that I have been doing now is getting a little old. So. I've done a little research and here are some good ones I have found via/ Self and Shape magazine. I am thinking of subscribing to either one of them or Women's Health. All very good magazines. 

I don't know if you know who Nicole Scherzinger but she is from the Pussycat Dolls girl group, basically, SHE IS the Pussycat Dolls all on her own. Let's face it, not all the girl got attention like she did nor did you really hear anyone but her in their music. (Actually, I recognized Nicole the minute I saw her in the group. I used to be obsessed with Pop Stars and I am sad that no one remembers that show because of stupid American Idol making it seem like it was their idea to have a singing competition show and what not.) Anyway, check out some pictures or go onto YouTube to see what she is about. My point is that she has an AMAZING BODY and its like "OMIGOSH! How does she do this? What is this Black Magics?" I wanted to see if I could look into it an try a few things out myself. She is my current motivation. 


  1. How bout dancing...? It's a work out in itself ... And thats what nicole does too ... That's why her body is so sexy.

    1. Hey, hi!

      Just curious, who are ya? I am super glad I have another reader but I'd like to know ya. Hi, I'm Tomera. ::extends virtual hand::

      Yeah! I know, she had an interview in Glamour and she said that is why she is in such great shape too.(The dancing. I don't think I'd dance like that unless I had her job or there was a class for it....) But I'm thinkin of Zumba! :D

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