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So like hey, girl hey!

People are starting to bring things to my attention. Interesting studies about running and certain foods--PLEASE KEEP IT COMING! PLEASE, I love to hear that people are really starting to think about fitness and fashion and food. Oh, the 3 Fs, I LIKE IT! New idea. BAM!

Interesting Study:

"A University of Tennessee Study found that people who included yogurt in their weight loss diets lost 81% more belly fat than those who didn't include yogurt in their in their weight loss diets because…

The calcium in yogurt & in other dairy products helps your body burn more fat and calcium limits the amount of NEW fat your body can make. "

(Shoutout to Kat for bringing this up! Thanks Kat!)

My opinion on this:
A lot of my own weight-loss happened over the summer. I was kicking up my motivation from the running group I was in during my time in Japan and really  making huge changes in what I ate. As I stated in a previous post, I mentioned that I ate a lot of homemade parfaits with berries and granola. Even though it can be a sugar bomb depending on what you put in it, its a great treat or something to have for breakfast.  I would even sometimes buy low-fat frozen yogurt (or freeze regular low-fat yogurt if I felt like it) and dump berries on top. It was a good alternative to my ice cream cravings or desire to have dessert after my meals. Either way, yogurt was and still is a good part of my diet. So I highly recommend yogurt. I posted picture of what kind of yogurt I eat if you are interested [in an earlier post].

As for my next goal, I am trying to find new exercises to do because I feel like I am getting to repetitive with my work outs. I am going to lift weights more as well. FEEL THE POWA! :D
Eventually I will post new things that I find and what not. I am looking at my book as well, called 21-Day Belly Melt by Prevention Magazine. I got it almost two months ago but I am just now really getting into it. Its teaching me so much.
Additionally, I get asked about what to eat in general. Obviously people are not reading my sections on food. T_T But, I will have to just reinforce my advice and encourage people to read what I post about diet.Its sorta funny because my mother just sent me a picture of some delicious looking cookies she found at Trader Joe's. A serving of 5 cookies is 8g of sugar, not bad I think. I am going to start researching what is a good daily/weekly limit when it comes to sugar and carbs and try my best to stick to it. I have become very VERY specific about Nutrition labels. I used to run from them, eating whatever I wanted and justifying that I didn't know what I was really eating and trying to make it okay. DO NOT DO THIS. You will gain weight, it will pack on. Look at what you are eating, and analyze it before you stating your chews. It will help you begin a skill of moderation and self-discipline.
Anyway, here are some more examples on food choices, meal ideas, and alternatives.

Section 1--Home Dining

 Here, we have an egg-white omelet, a cup of coffee, and a mini vanilla bean scone from Starbucks.
Now, we all know that it is super hard to eat something for breakfast that is not loaded with sugar and carbs. Let's face it: cereal (sugar and carbs), muffins (fat, carbs, and sugar), bagles (sugar depending on kind, and carbs), waffles/pancakes (carbs), etc. You get the point. Its hard. That's why I love Egg Beaters egg white cartons. Instead of struggling to separate the whites from the yolks, its already done for you. And it even comes with veggies in the Southwest Blend. I always add more veggies though.  A mini scone, not that bad for you but I only bought one on purpose so I could limit myself but still enjoy a morning treat. When it comes to coffee, limit what you put in it (more on that later).

Oh, the parfaits. As I mentioned, I love these babies. I usually try to make it in my smallest bowls so I do not make more than I need. Like I said, depending on what you put in it can make it a sugar bomb and its not good to start your day with one of those for you can come into contact with other sugary items during lunch or dinner. In this parfait: blackberries (great source of antioxidants), strawberries, I think blueberries as well, almonds, granola (as little as possible), and a few banana chips.I still could have done a little better though, I believe that if analyzed more closely, it would have not passed my personal sugar limit.
Still, better than a doughnut though.

THIS WAS TOO GOOD! OMG! My roomie's mother made waffles the other day (I know, I know. I just bashed waffles but I do not have them often at all and 90% of this meal is fruit. Chill) and I decided to make my great morning even better. Just about all that I had planned on this day was canceled and this delicious item just made it that much better!
What's on it:
  • About a tbs of peanut butter (trying get rid of the rest of my Skippy, found a healthier option from Trade Joe's).
  • Half a sliced banana.
  • Strawberries.
  • Barely a tbs of lite syrup (again, effin' sugar!).
  • A side of raspberries and blueberries.
This was soo good! I had small cup of coffee for the side as well (but let's face it, I always have coffee). I cannot tell you how amazing this was and even though the waffle may look like it was thick and huge, it was not even that big. Perfect. This was a great meal to have before lifting that day. Tip: if you're going to get into lifting, its recommending to eat something hearty and healthy like oatmeal, apples, bananas...they are great for energizing your pre-iron-pumping body.

Snacks/Light Meals

This started out as just a snack after lifting that day but I pumped so much iron I was starving. Pita chips and sundried-tomato hummus, OH! I know hummus sounds icky and I used to think so too. But then I had some from, where else but Trader Joe's, a friend at her party and it was too good! Hummus is made from chick peas, super lean and super healthy for you. I still cannot believe how low hummus is in carbs, fat, sodium, calories--its a dream come true. I also steamed up some green beans topped with a little garlic salt and paprika. (Paprika is so great. So many benefits for you and adds great taste to any veggie.)

You can view other types of snacks in earlier parts of my blog.

I do not have too many pictures for this but as I have stated before, you can see other examples for this category in other parts of my blog. (Salads, veggies, etc.). Also, I recommend tuna sandwiches (NOT TUNA SALAD. Anything that says, chicken/tuna/etc. SALAD is bound to have mayo or sauces mixed in it already. Then, an additional slathering of mayo/sauces on the actual sandwich. Avoid these). Just get chicken breast or tuna cups/cans and make your own sandwich. Add veggies, any sauce should be light, and enjoy! If you have cheese, I recommend Laughing Cow cheese. Its like a cream cheese almost but its so much better for you than either regular cheese or actual cream cheese. Only 35 calories a wedge! :D Speaking of the creamed cheeses, Weight Watchers has things like that too. I haven't tried that yet though.


YUM YUM YUM! Chicken breast, brown/wild rice, and sauteed zucchini and yellow squash. DO YOU KNOW HOW GOOD THIS IS! Its satisfying AND yummy. WHAT?! Oh, yeah. 
There is a enough said about this one. ^-^

So I was feelin' pasta-y one night.I try my BEST to avoid pasta. All I see is carbs when I see pasta. Its scary. Therefore, I bought whole grain pasta (yes, they make that), light Ragu alfredo sauce (actually NOT that bad for you), veggies broccoli, squash, zucchini, and red pepper), and chicken breast. This was so good. I made too  much though and just decided to freeze the rest for a later date. You can do that you know, make something and freeze it for later. Its good for your belly (or lack there of) and your wallet. Everyone wins!

Again, chicken breast. Why do I eat so much chicken? (All black jokes aside.) Because it is one of the leanest meats out there (other than turkey and fish). Its too good. Plus, its cheaper than beef. I'm still a college student you know. Eating healthy can be expensive sometimes!

Also, carrots and green beans for a side. (And water to drink!)

Are you starting to notice trends in my eating habits?

Section 2--Eating out
 Dinner Example

Rainforest Cafe deliciousness 

This was from my birthday-palooza that my parents bestowed onto me last weekend. Oh man! This was good. I tried to pick one of the safest options on the menu. Eating out is hard, especially if you don't always want a salad. This was tilapia smothered in mango salsa, side of coconut shrimp (fried but OK in MODERATION), terriyaki sauce, shrimp and scallops in like an au grain sauce (probably not the best for ya), brown rice, and steamed veggies. YUMMY! 
TIP: When you eat out, do your best to listen to your body. Do not try to eat the whole meal just because its in your face. Eat until your satisfied, save the rest for later. (Which is what I will show you what you can do with left overs.) Also, order a glass of water while you decide and wait on your meal. My book, as well as others, tell me that if you start with water, you will eat about 20% less than if you had not. You're body will get the hydration it needs and you will safe yourself some calories.

And for later...
Simple: use the left overs from one meal and make something new for later!

I saved the fish from earlier meal as well as the sauce. I used the sauce to saute green beans and shrimp and piled it in with the brown rice as well. It was super good! Great way to be resourceful!

Someone just had to bring cake-pops to the meeting.
UGH! The temptation. If you think about it, they are so easy to just eat. I mean its cake on a friggin's stick! Why, world, WHY?! When it comes to bite sized treats, try not to shove your face with them. Have one or two and then leave them alone. (Before you know it, you could eat a whole cake! In theory...)

This I did to myself. --_--
One of my residents gave me that cupcake on the left, (yeah, its a cupcake, not a cookie) but the other two treats I made. Ugh. I ate the cupcake and the lower cookie but gave whatever was leftover away. NO MORE OF THIS, go away temptation you cheeky bastard you. 
Remember, you can have sweets and treats still. Its just about gaining self-discipline and learning about moderation. Trust me, I still struggle sometimes too. My friend made me a huge chocolate cake for my birthday. TRIPLE CHOCOLATE. I mean, come on! That's three times the chocolate! O_O Let's just say I ate my share and gave away as much as possible. I appreciate her heart, but I couldn't take the calories.

Anyway, I hope this helps you out more. I am going to really start showing workouts and methods to tone your body with! :) I am still researching. I will also include more tips on diet suggestions and tips via my lovely book I bought. 

Also, I have a tumblr now! ( More so aimed at fashion and things of that nature. (Dagnabbit, Claire! You got me hooked)

Let me know if there is anything else! I am here to motivate! 

Toodles, poodles.



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