Friday, February 10, 2012

Birthday Post

Yes yes, I am blogging on my birthday. Why? Because its been snowing all day, its cold and gross, I hate that I just ate half a vat of cake, and I just got home from school...

Urban Dictionary Word of the Post
Birthday Word of the Post: Shots. [Shot,shot,shots,shots. EVERYBODAAAAY!]
(You know why. :P)

I decided to skip the Urban Dictionary Word of the Post today due to the occassion. 

I have a lot of things on my mind since its my birthday and people still ask about fitness and health. I am not going to lie, for the last to days I have been 'bad' (eating cake and stuff). Yes, even though it is my birthday, I do feel bad about literally eating out of the pan. I understand that one is supposed to eat cake and things of that nature on one's birthday but hey, I think that this new lifestyle is so engraved within me now, that I cannot help it. I saw all that to say this: 
Desiring to change/lose weight/eat better is not a temporary thing. If you are going to do it, you need to realize that you cannot start and just stop once you get what you want. You have to start first and then actually maintain it. Maybe not become as obsessive as me, but you must keep it up. (You probably think that I am pathetic for feeling bad for eating cake on my own birthday. But I over did it...) So another tip, if you are going to have a 'bad day' or 'bad food' you have to try, try, TRY to listen to that voice in your head that says, "Hey, slow down." Or, "Hey, that's enough." Or, "Hey, you can have this now, but you must do something about it later. You cannot slip back into old habits. Remember why you started this." 

Alright, on a more positive notes, let's move on for other lifestyle changes. For example, I am working on: 
  • Loving myself (working out does help, it makes me feel powerful and strong.)
  • Being considerate and giving.
  • Being smart/smarter (academically, socially, spiritually.)
  • CHASING MY DREAMS EVEN MORE RELENTLESSLY THAN EVER BEFORE. (Things may be looking up in this department. Hehehe. Knock on wood.)
  • Becoming more independent and self-assured. 
  • Becoming more self-disciplined.
  • Taking more pride in my accomplishments. 
These are gifts I want to give to myself, birthday and beyond.  I hope that I can inspire you not just with health and fitness but with inspiring yourself in other ways too. Relationships with my friends and family mean a lot to me, so if I can help others by showing them the light that I am gaining from within myself and from God, then I have done something meaningful in my life. That is why I hope people are reading my posts, that they are interested, and that they will continue to be. 
Okay, tear-jerking over. 


This is one of my fave outfit that I came up with. LOVE IT. I love long, high ponytails. I think they are so chic. Especially with a cool scarf (bought in Japan, btw) to accent a simple style. 
I also had on black jeans and tan boots. I don't have a full length mirror in my room anymore so that sucks that I can't show the whole outfit. :(  But its still cute from what I/you can see. (The outfit. Don't take that as an egotistic thing.)

I love, LOVE LOVE this outfit choice. 
I was supposed to be going out that night (last night) for a casual pre-birthday outting and it didn't quite go as planned. But I put a lot of effort into at least studying in a greeeaat outfit. ;) I have on a silky short-sleeved dressed, belted with a large black and silver belt, tall leather boots, leggings, and an open cardie.
(I may read too many magazines.)

On my fashion wish list? A new bag! (And I wanna get into color jeans. SWEET.)

I want this bag like you have no idea. Its so freakin' cute! Its from Francesca's.  Too bad its so freakin' expensive. I will own it some day though. Heehee.

Does anyone care about this fashion stuff? I am trying to switch it up. :/ 
Sometimes I wonder if other people are as obsessed about fitness, fashion, and Japan as I am. (Oh, and House too.) Not many people tell me if they read this or not or what they wanna read about so I just go with it. Shout out to Sara, I know you read my posts for sure! <3

Happy Birthday me, I'm gonna go buy myself some booze.

~Shi <3


  1. I totally respect you for your mindset on your lifestyle change and for all of the gifts you've given yourself! I just think that's truly such a wonderful thing to do for yourself--I know I never thought about those kinds of things on my birthday, but I just think it's great that you put your foot down and said, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ME!" It just makes you an even more awesome person for it. :)

    I love your fashion sense, as you probably know by now, and I especially LOVE that second outfit! It looks soooo good on you! :D So elegant and sleek!

    I hope you have an amazing rest of your birthday, and go have a sweet drink! (I suggest a pomegranate martini, if possible ^__^)

    ~ ステファニー (Stephanie--just in case the Japanese didn't work XD)

    1. ステファニー!!


      I just saw this. Thank you for your comment. And thank you for the birthday wish! :D

      Yes, I am all about me right now. No more games. No more nonsense with anything. Its about my dreams, ambitions, and empowerment. May I forever run, literally and figuratively. You have to think about these things when you're trying to fall in love with yourself, truly for the first time. you have to start somewhere.

      I had a great day-after birthday, not the day of. HA.
      Pomegranate Martini? That sounds too awesome! OMG!
      Let's go out for drinks!

      And thanks! I love fashion its growing more and more everyday. Its hard for me to walk out of the house without showing some pride in my presence. :) You know that though. Yes, I love the second outfit too, I put a lot of effort into that one. But the first is great too.

      Thanks you for following! Please keep reading!


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  3. Hi there,
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