Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Ironic Fact--before this post, my Japan blog and this blog officially had the same number of posts. Weird. Hm, it was a year ago last week that I actually left for Japan... :/ Look at that shiz-niz. 
So no Urban dictionary word today, just irony. Because my world is ironic....and complicated. (MySpace emo-moment....) 

This is gonna be a short post until the next one.

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate that people are becoming more interested in starting and maintaining healthy habits and getting into fitness. And I LOVE that they come to me for advice! I was going to try to add some variety to my blog, as per the original intent of this blog, but since I keep getting questions about losing weight and fitness, it seems a lot of my posts are going to be on that. So please new readers, tell me what you wanna know! Just comment on my wall or this post to tell me how I can help. Remember, you  can help motivate me just as much as I can motivate you. I am willing to help anyway I can with tips or partnered trips to the gym. If you want a specialized list of certain foods that I recommend or anything of that nature, contact me. I am already 'coaching' two friends right now. I'd be ecstatic if someone else wanted to join the movement, I am always down for a work out!!!(Ran this morning in fact, even though my legs were screaming for me not to because of Monday's work out.) :/

Thank you for those who are interested and really started to get with it. I aim to be motivating and I am so glad that I am  helping others start something great in their lives as well. 

Keep it movin', people! 


P.S.: If we could even get a mini-support group going, that would be even better. :)

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